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We from checkvia offer you for trucks and semitrailer vehicles, which have to drive through so caused sanitation areas (driving prohibition areas), exhaust emission class identification sticker ( emission sticker ), which are needed in the mentioned Austrian federal states.

Further information to the exhaust road sticker Austria

In fact, environmental zones are now becoming the norm in numerous European cities. Since the year 2016, numerous environmental zones have been established. Within these low emission zones, regulations have to be followed, and this also means that corresponding stickers are necessary in order to be able to drive within these green zones. It is therefore necessary to consider the issue of emission stickers in detail and to conform to the respective regulations.

At this point, it should be mentioned that environmental zones and therefore the exhaust emission label or tag requirement are not a harassment, because this is about protecting the quality of the air. With corresponding regulations, air pollution and particulate matter are to be reduced.

Austria’s environmental zones at a glance

Those who comply with the regulations should know where the individual environmental zones are. Here are the environmental zones of Austria at a glance:

– Vienna
– Tyrol
– Lower Austria
– Upper Austria
– Styria and the
– Burgenland

So it is important to plan the route through Austria well and to get the necessary emission stickers for the corresponding areas. If you want to be on the safe side and buy the emission sticker conveniently online, Checkvia is the right place to be, because we know the regulations and have the know-how and the stickers needed for the Austria trip.